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Hauz of Quentino By DrQue

Quentino Allure Purple Leather Handbag

Quentino Allure Purple Leather Handbag

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This Quentino Allure Purple Leather Handbag, a stunning addition to your accessory collection that embodies sophistication and modern elegance.

Premium Materials: Made from the finest quality leather, the handbag boasts a soft yet durable texture. The leather is carefully treated to ensure it retains its vibrant color and supple feel over time.

Versatile Carrying Options: Equipped with both sturdy top handles and a detachable shoulder strap, the Quentino Allure offers versatile carrying options.


Size Options

  • Standard Size: Ideal for everyday use, providing ample space for daily essentials.
  • Leather Finish: Offers a subtle, sophisticated look with a smooth texture.
  • Interior Lining :Soft, durable fabric lining in a neutral color for a timeless look
  • Signature Pattern Lining: Custom-designed lining featuring the Quentino logo stylish pattern.
  • Engraved Nameplate: Add a small, engraved nameplate inside the handbag for a personal touch.
  • Made in Italy
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